Monday, March 26, 2007

Descration of Hindu temples in Tamilnadu

This left a very bad taste in my mouth. The sad part is such incidents are conveniently ignored by the mass media which leaves no stone unturned in maligning the Hindu cultural and religious mores. It has become a constant habit of Indian and Western media to show Hinduism in a bad light and project the minorities as victims. The incidents like Gujarat riots, murder of Australian missionary etc. are done to death whereas atrocities committed against Hindus are not considered worthy of coverage.

It is anybody's guess that this oppression of majority community, defilement of their temples and denigration of things dear to them would have dangerous repercussions. In this era of internet activism, censoring of information is a daunting task. Media's interests would be best served by acting as an honest channel of information rather than blacking-out real acts of intolerance against victims of majority community.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Om Namoh Bhagvate Vasudeva!

O Lord! I bow to thee!
I'm thankful for your boundless mercies.

Bless me,
O creator of the three worlds,
to stay calm in adversity,
humble in victory,
truthful in thought,
brave in action,
free in spirit,
ever-strident for the ultimate elevation.

indebted by your magnanmity,
awed by your powers,
touched by you kindness,
smitten by your beauty,
I seek forgiveness for my many failings.
I'm humbled by your forgiveness and amazed by your magnanimity.